Case Studies

Case study 1:

A 10 years old child from Interior Sind was deferred by neurosurgeons as untreatable. He had a complex Fronto-Ethamoidal Encephalocele. He underwent a 12 hour operation to repair his encephalocele and with the help of plastic surgeon from the USA, we were able to create a nasal bridge and correct his orbital hypertelorism. Additionally his total hospital fee was 40% subsidized by the Patient Behbud Society (PBS) of Aga Khan University Hospital.

Case study 2:

45 years old male with severe neck and both arm pain and restricted neck motion. He underwent three level cervical spine surgery. His neck and arm pain was completely relieved and his neck motion was restored as well.

Case study 3 :

Awake brain tumor resection. 27 years old male from Burewala, Punjab harbouring a low grade brain tumor in an eloquent area of his brain. He underwent awake surgery to preserve his hand and leg function successfully.

Case study 4

A middle age female with history of headache and seizure underwent successful brain tumor resection. Her hospital stay was only 3 days.

Case study 5

55 years old male history of high blood pressure comes with a larger hemorrhagic stroke. This was successfully operated via a minimally invasive endoscopic approach.